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I have been a photographer since I was a child of about 10, when my father gave me a Baby Brownie camera. I used the whole first roll to shoot several black and white cows. He told me they were the best photos of cows he had ever seen, and that's when my love of photography began.

Several years in the US Navy sent me to distant places which I photographed on Extachrome film. Slide photography was my passion for fifty years, over which time I amassed over 10,000 slides.

Fortunately my career as an engineer enabled me to continue my travels around the world, photographing exotic and not-so exotic locales – Paris, Amsterdam, Hawaii, the US Southwest, New York, etc. Upon retirement I took the New York Institute of Photography course which I highly recommend to any aspiring photographer.

A stock agency represented me for a while but that was a disappointing experience. The agency was more interested in filling some niches in its catalog than on marketing my work. On my own, however, I had some success with book covers and some magazine full page spreads using my slides.

My recent transition to digital photography has been interesting, and I am now attempting to sell my work via the internet.

I now use a Microtek Scanmaker i900 scanner to bring my slides into the new world and a Cannon EOS 7D, so I am shooting in digital and digitizing some of my many slides. I love what I can get from both the scanner and the 7D.

Bill Hammer

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A selection of favorite photos taken over many years

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